Last updated: 18 May 2018. A recent CV of mine is available here.
Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Momentum grant, project on Mechanism Design 2016- Our Mechanism Design research group at the Institute of Economics has started in 2016 July.
COST project on Kidney Exchange Programs A COST Action on Kidney Exchange Programs is running between 2016 and 2010. I am the head of WG1, which works on the description an analysis of the current practices in Europe. New website.
COST project on Computational Social Choice A four-year COST Action on Computational Social Choice started in November 2012. One of the four working groups is on matching, that I chair. We organised the first summer school in Hungary in 2013 on matchings, see below at conferences.
Matching in Practice network Together with Estelle Cantillon and Dorothea Kuebler we form the executive committee of the European research network on Matching in Practice. Besides having workshops in every six months, we have launched a new website, mainly for publishing descriptions on applications in four areas: primary and secondary school choice programs, higher education matching schemes, resident allocations.
An Estonian project: Efficiency and equity in matching pre-schools and children: mechanism design approach (2014-2016) I was glad to be involved as a mechanism designer in this interdisciplinary project , that investigates the effects of childcare allocation mechanisms on gender inequality.
Applications website(s) With my colleagues in Glasgow, we created an applications website to collect matching applications with references, links and descriptions written by "local experts" (an updated clone of which has also appeared at my new workplace later).
Workshop on Matching Under Preferences In the Steering committee of the Match-UP workshops.
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Further PC memberships 2019: AAAI 2019
2018: AAMAS 2018, IJCAI 2018, COMSOC 2018, EC-2018
2017: MATCH-UP 2017, CoopMAS-2017, EXPLORE-2017, EC-2017
2016: SCW-2016, COMSOC-2016, CoopMAS-2016, EXPLORE-2016
2015: MATCH-UP 2015 (co-chair), 5nd Workshop of the IC1205 COST Action on Computational Social Choice, CoopMAS-2015, EXPLORE-2015
2014: CoopMAS-2014, SCW-2014
2013: CoopMAS-2013 , 2nd Workshop of the IC1205 COST Action on Computational Social Choice, 5th Workshop on Matching in Practice
2012: AAMAS-2012 , 4th Workshop on Matching in Practice, SING8, Frontiers in Market Design: Matching Markets
2011: 2nd Workshop on Matching in Practice
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