6th Japanese-Hungarian Symposium

on Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications

  May 16-19, 2009 in Budapest, Hungary


Useful hints


   Scientific program

The final (?) version of the program is here.

The list of talks in alphabetical order (by speaker) is here.

The proceedings in PDF.

  Where to eat around the institute?

                       See a map here.

    How to get to the city?

You find detailed information about this on the homepage of the institute: http://www.renyi.hu/come.html

    Conference Site

Rényi  Institute
(formerly: Mathematical Research Institute of  the Hungarian Academy of Sciences),
H-1053 Budapest, Reáltanoda utca 13/15.
Phone number:     (+36-1) 483 8302,
Fax number:         (+36-1) 483 8333.

Overhead projectors and projectors for PC are available at in the auditorium. You can also use the PC there with Linux or Windows.
The institute is equipped with WiFi network,  so if you bring your laptop you can use it. Otherwise we will set up an account for you that you can use with the terminals in the institute.


Registration will take place on Saturday morning at the conference site between 8.00 a.m. and 10.00 a.m.  

  Social Events

We have a welcome party on Saturday evening 18:30 and a conference banquet on Monday evening 18:30.

Both are free of charge for participants.


 How to go to the conference site?

Saturday morning organisers will be available in the lobby of Hotel Gellért and  BME Professor's Guest House to escort you to the conference site. It takes about 20 minutes by tram. The groups will leave at 8.15 a.m.
  There is a map here  indicating the locations.

  Public transport in Budapest

The trams, subways and city buses operate with pre-purchased tickets. One ticket costs 290 HUF, at each transfer you have to validate a new ticket. You can buy tickets at ticket offices which usually can be found at the entrances of subway stations. Tickets must be validated upon boarding a tram or bus or upon entering the subway station. There are other types of tickets: daily, weekly. Depending on your plans, they may be a good deal. You can read about the details here.


In Hungary the local currency is the Hungarian Forint (HUF). The present exchange rate for one US dollar is about 215 Forints, one Yen is about 2.25 Forints. Major credit cards are accepted at most shops.

If you wish to place an international call from Hungary, dial 00, wait for a new dial tone and then start with country code etc. If someone wish to reach you in Hungary from abroad, the area code of Hungary is 36, followed by 1 for Budapest and then 7 more digits (for example, +36-1-889-5500 for the Hotel Gellért, or 36-1-4838333 for the fax machine at the conference site).

       In case of emergency, you can call

András Recski

Work: 463-2585
Home: 209-7341
Cell phone: 06 30  754 6499

or Gyula Y. Katona

Work: 463 3161
Home: 223 5015
Cell phone: 06 30 6464 527

(If you call from outside of Budapest dial 06-1-xxx xxxx, outside of Hungary 36-1-xxx xxxx.)

                                On behalf of the Organizing Committee
András Frank, Gyula Y. Katona and András Recski