6th Japanese-Hungarian Symposium

on Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications

  May 16-19, 2009 in Budapest, Hungary

Preliminary list of  talks:

Development of the Relational Algebra Motivated by the Practice
Antal Buza, Piroska B. Kis

Infinite paths with no small angle
Imre Bárány, Attila Pór

Saturated  tiling with dominoes and 2x2 squares
János Barát, Péter Hajnal

The node-to-area connectivity augmentation problem: related questions and results
Attila Bernáth, Tamás Király

Towards Better Modelling of Supermarket
Krisztian Buza, Antal Buza

On housing markets with duplicate houses
Katarína Cechlárová, Tamás Fleiner

Stable roommates with free edges
Katarína Cechlárová, Tamás Fleiner

All 4-Edge-Connected HHD-Free Graphs are Z3-Connected
Takuro Fukunaga

Coloring Vertices and Edges of a Path by Nonempty Subsets of a Set
P.N. Balister, Ervin Győri, R. H. Schelp

Multiflow feasibility problem for demand graph K3+K3
Hiroshi Hirai

Extremal stable graphs
Illés Horváth, Gyula Y. Katona

Construction of Hamilton path tournament designs
Yoshiko T. Ikebe, Akihisa Tamura

Augmenting Edge-Connectivity between Vertex Subsets
Ishii, Kazuhisa Makino

Submodular Function Minimization under Covering Constraints
Satoru Iwata
, Kiyohito Nagano

Inductive Constructions in the Analysis of Two-Dimensional Rigid Structures
Bill Jackson, Tibor Jordán

Matching Structure of Symmetric Bipartite Graphs and a Generalization of Pólya's Problem
Nao Kakimura

Enumerating non-crossing geometric graphs
Naoki Katoh, Shin-ichi  Tanigawa

Local topological toughness and local factors
Frank Göring, Gyula Y. Katona

Hadwiger's conjecture is decidable
Ken-ichi Kawarabayashi

Maximum Number of Cycles and Hamiltonian Cycles in Sparse Graphs
Zoltán Király

Square-Free 2-Matchings in Bipartite Graphs and Jump Systems
Yusuke Kobayashi, Jácint Szabó, Kenjiro Takazawa

How to use combinatorial tools in secret sharing problem on graphs
László Csirmaz, Péter Ligeti

Optimization and enumeration
Martin Loebl

Optimization in large unknown graphs

László Lovász

Berge Multiplication for Monotone Boolean Dualization
Endre Boros,  Khaled Elbassioni, Kazuhisa Makino

Constant ration fixed-parameter approximation of the edge multicut problem
Dániel Marx

A family of polytopal digraphs that do not satisfy the shelling property
David Avis, Hiroyuki Miyata, Sonoko Moriyama

Simultaneous Singular Value Decomposition
Takanori Maehara, Kazuo Murota

Toward Characterization of Vertex-edge Graphs of Three-dimensional Nonconvex Polyhedra
Seok-Hee Hong, Hiroshi Nagamochi

On Abstract Rigidity Matroids
Viet Hang Nguyen

A lower bound for tree-width of Cartesian product graphs
Kyohei Kozawa, Yota Otachi, Koichi Yamazaki

A note on kernels and Sperner's lemma
Tamás Király, Júlia Pap

Polychromatic colorings of arbitrary rectangular partitions
Dániel Gerbner, Balázs Keszegh, Nathan Lemons, Cory Palmer, Dömötör Pálvölgyi, Balázs Patkós

Is this matrix singular?
András Recski

Local structures in polyhedral maps on surfaces, and path transferability of graphs
Torii Ryuzo

Partition Critical Hypergraphs
Zoltán Füredi, Attila Sali

Subclasses of cg-matroids
Yoshio Sano

Parameterized Graph Cleaning Problems
Dániel Marx, Ildikó Schlotter

Generating all sets with bounded unions
Yannick Frein, Benjamin Lévêque, András Sebő

A divide-and-conquer approach for polymatroid optimization with application to preemptive scheduling problems
N. Shakhlevich, A. Shioura, and V. Strusevich

Pebbling Weighted Graphs
Nándor Sieben

Necklace splitting and the Tucker-Bacon theorem
Gábor Simonyi

Matroidal Characterization on Index of DAEs in Hybrid Analysis for General Circuits
Satoru Iwata, Mizuyo Takamatsu, Caren Tischendorf

A Weighted Independent Even Factor Algorithm
Kenjiro Takazawa

A Proof of the Molecular Conjecture
Naoki Katoh, Shin-ichi Tanigawa

Geometric routing on Ad-Hoc Networks
Takeshi Tokuyama

Asymptotic values of graph parameters
Ágnes Tóth

Coloring intervals with four types of constraints
Csilla Bujtás and Zsolt Tuza

On the minimum degree of Ramsey-minimal graphs
Philipp Zumstein