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An efficient implemenation of APRIORI algorithm

This program is a very efficient implementation of APRIORI algorithm proposed by Rakesh Agrawal and Ramakrishnan Srikant. APRIORI is the most basic and well-known algorithm to find frequent itemsets in a transactional database.

Frequent Itemset Mining problem

A transactional database consists of sequence of transaction: $T=\langle t_1,\ldots ,t_n\rangle $. A transaction is a set of items ($t_i\in I$). Transactions are often called baskets, referring to the primary application domain (i.e. market-basket analysis). A set of items is often called itemset by the data mining community. The (absolute) support or the occurrence of $X$ (denoted by $supp(X)$) is the number of transactions that are supersets of $X$ (i.e. that contain $X$). The realtive support is the absolute support divided by the number of transactions (i.e. n). An itemset is frequent if its support is greater or equal than a threshold value.

In the frequent itemset mining problem a transaction database and a relative support threshold (traditionally denoted by min_supp) is given and we have to find all frequent itemsets.

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