András Urbán, M.Sc. in Information Technology
student, research associate

Hungarian Academy of Sciences,
Computer and Automation Research Institute

I am András Urbán. I get Master’s degree in IT in business information sciences at Budapest University of Technology and
Economics. I presently study economics and management also at Budapest University of Technology and Economics. Currently,
besides my studies I am a research associate at the
Laboratory on Engineering and Management Intelligence (EMI) of the Computer
and Automation Research Institute, Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA-SZTAKI).

I am interested in statistics, stock markets, financial mathematics and empirical portfolio strategies. Since 2005 I
have took part in research regarding
log-optimal portfolios with László Györfi.  You may find more information about
Portfolio Group on our page.

My hobby is doing and watching sport
s, especially basketball, volleyball and soccer. Besides them I collect
miniature bottles from around the world. Each of them is full :)
H-1111 Kende u. 13-17, Budapest, HUNGARY
urban 'at'