Selected recent publications of Péter Szeredi

September 2003

Ewing Lusk, Shyam Mudambi, Ross Overbeek, and Péter Szeredi.
Applications of the Aurora parallel Prolog system to computational molecular biology.
In Dale Miller, editor, Proceedings of the International Logic Programming Symposium, pp. 353-369. The MIT Press, November 1993.

Tamás Benkõ, Péter Krauth, and Péter Szeredi.
A logic-based system for application integration.
In Proceedings of the International Conference on Logic Programming, pp. 452-466. Springer Verlag, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol 2401, July 2002.

Dávid Hanák, Tamás Benkõ, Péter Hanák, and Péter Szeredi.
Computer aided exercising in Prolog and SML.
In Proceedings of the Workshop on Functional and Declarative Programming in Education, PLI 2002, Pittsburgh PA, USA, October 2002.

Tamás Benkõ, Gergely Lukácsy, Attila Fokt, Péter Szeredi, Imre Kilián, and Péter Krauth.
Information integration through reasoning on meta-data.
In Proceedings of the Workshop ``AI Moves to IA, Workshop on Artificial Intelligence, Information Access, and Mobile Computing'', IJCAI'03, Acapulco, Mexico, pp. 65-77, August 2003.

Péter Szeredi.
Teaching constraints through logic puzzles.
In Krzysztof R. Apt, François Fages, Francesca Rossi, Péter Szeredi, and József Váncza, editors, Recent Advances in Constraints, Joint ERCIM/CoLogNET International Workshop on Constraint Solving and Constraint Logic Programming, CSCLP 2003, Budapest, Hungary, June 30 - July 2, 2003, Selected Papers, volume 3010 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pp. 196-222. Springer, 2004.

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