Mátyás Naszódi

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mathematician, computational linguist
Department of Computer Science and Information Theory
Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Post: H-1117, Magyar tudósok körútja 2., I. 136/b. Budapest, Hungary

About me




  • 1973 Implementation of the language Lisp 1.5 to computer CII 1010 (ICSC of the HAS)
  • 1975 OSCAR operating system of workshop for digital circuits' production (ICSC of the HAS)
  • 1976 Implementation of multiuser BASIC for computers Mitra 15 (ICSC of the HAS)
  • 1979 Experimental workshop for controlling industrial NC machines tools on Mitra 15 in BME (ICSC of the HAS)
  • 1980-1986 CAMAC, DEC11, DAQ and data evaluation system in Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions (JINR, Dubna)


  • 1990 Experimental parsing of Hungarian words and sentences - Modula 2 (ICSC of the HAS)
  • 1993 Fast speller Helyeske based on FSA (implementations on C and Pascal) Hungarian, German, English, French... (MorphoLogic)
  • 1995 Proofreader Helyesebb for Hungarian. It has been the built in Hungarian grammar module in the MS Word till 2017 (MorphoLogic)
  • 1999 Hungarian morphological description on Kimmo's TLFA. It is the starter kit for the IBM and XEROX Hungarian linguistic modules (MorphoLogic)
  • 2002 Linguistic Recognition Assistant for treating errors in texts acquired from various recognition processes (MorphoLogic)
  • 2004 MorphoWord Machine Translation (MorphoLogic)
  • 2006 Linguistic support for psychological evaluations of interviews with help of HUMORESK (MorphoLogic)