Dr. Zoltán Ádám MANN
Associate Professor,
Complex Cyber Infrastructures research group,
University of Amsterdam,
The Netherlands

Short bio:
Dr. Mann is a researcher with wide-ranging interests in computer science, from theory (optimization problems, algorithms, complexity) to practice (security and privacy, data protection, cloud computing, edge computing). He is the author of 80+ scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals and conferences and the author or editor of 3 books. He received several awards for his research, including the J. Kemény award of the John von Neumann Society for Computer Science and the Pro Scientia Golden Medal of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. His commitment to education was honored with an Outstanding Young Faculty Award at Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

Besides research and teaching at the university, Dr. Mann also spent about 10 years in industry. He held various positions in software engineering, IT consulting, management consulting, project management, and line management. As consultant, he helped managers (up to CXO level) in large and medium-sized companies to reach strategic goals and improve efficiency. As manager, he built up an IT consulting team and led it in international coordination.

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Research interests:
  • Algorithmic problems in computer science
  • Cloud and edge computing
  • Data protection, security and privacy
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Self-adaptive systems

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