Advanced Datastructures and Techniques for Analysis of Algorithms
(Haladó adatszerkezetek és algoritmuselemzési technikák)
PhD course

Teachers: Katalin Friedl, Gyula Katona

Time and location (2022/2023/1 semester): Monday and Thursday 12:15-13:45, IB134

Required knowledge: This is really an advanced class :) You are expected to be familiar with the basics of Theory of Algorithms. To be more precise, we will build on your knowledge of the following topics: Cormen, Leiserson, Rivest and Stein: Introduction to Algorithms, sections 2.1-3, 3.1-2, 6.1-9.3, 10.1-13.4, 15.1-5, 22.1-25.2, 26.1-3, 34.1-5.
If you are not familiar with many of these, then it will be difficult to follow this class. (In this case we suggest to take Theory of Algorithms VISZAA08.) If you are familiar with most of it then you should be able to learn the rest yourself during the semester.

To help you to test your knowledge we prepared test. If you can solve (and explain the solution) at least 16 questions, then you will be fine in this class. If you can solve at least 12, then you will need to learn a few topics yourself. If your result is less than 12, then you should probably take a more basic class in algorithms before you take this class. (We can give suggestions if you need some.)

Topics covered so far and other information about the class:

Planned topics:
We will select the topics after discussion with the students. Some possibilities are

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