Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics
Department of Computer Science and Information Theory

Research in discrete mathematics, in the mathematical foundation of computer science, number theory,  information and coding theory, in data mining.

Their applications in engineering, in economics and in the development of cutting edge computer technologies.

Our research is supported by the Hungarian National Research Fund.

The results of the research can be found in the publications of the members of the department, listed below.

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Research Areas

Dr. Buza, Krisztián

data mining, machine learning, time series

Dr. Csákány, Rita

combinatorics, graph theory

Dr. Csima, Judit

formal languages, bioinformatics

Dr. Fleiner, Tamás

graph theory, game theory, combinatorial optimization, stable matchings

Dr. Friedl, Katalin

theory of algorithms and complexity, quantum algorithms

Dr. Györfi, László

stochastic approximation, pattern classification, nonparametric density, regression and entropy estimation, prediction of time series, multiple access communication, source coding, empirical portfolio selection

Dr. Katona, Gyula Y.

graph theory, hypergraphs, toughness, matchings, algorithms

Dr. Ketskeméty, László

mathematical statistics, SPSS, probability theory

Dr. Mann, Zoltán

optimisation in computing,  complexity, theory of algorithms

Dr. Pach, Péter Pál

group theory, number theory, combinatorics

Dr. Pintér, Márta

probability theory, mathematical statistics

Dr. Recski, András

graph theory, combinatorial optimisation, matroids, VLSI

Dr. Sali, Attila

extremal set systems, theory of databases,  graph theory

Dr. Simonyi, Gábor

graph theory, information theory, colourings of graphs, graph capacities

Dr. Schlotter, Ildikó

parametric complexity, theory of algorithms and complexity

Dr. Szeredi, Péter

declarative programming, logic programming, constraints, Prolog,semantic technologies: semantic web, semantic integration,parallelism, parallel logic programming, implementation of programming languages

Dr. Szeszlér, Dávid

graph theory, combinatorial optimisation, VLSI

Dr. Tóth, Géza

combinatorial geometry

Dr. Wiener, Gábor

combinatorics,  especially combinatorial search,  graph theory,  hypergraphs